Our Fitting and Clubmaking Center

Individualized assistance for your best club choice

We offer our clients an individual fitting service. We help you choose the right golf club for your needs, your level and your body type.

Optimal customisation and correction of your club

The equipment you buy from the industry may not be fully suited to your style of play. Often, the club is too long, the angles are irregular, the contact with the ball is not optimal, the ease of movement limited and the weight is too heavy.  We welcome you in our workshop to improve your equipment: head, grip, shaft…

Create your own customised golf club with Clubmaking

Extend the VGolf experience! Our Clubmaking Center allows you to design your own golf club to match to your playing requirements. A tailor-made golf club that allows you to hit balls both on the green and in front of our golf simulator.

Choose the most suitable golf club for your style of play

It’s not easy to make the right choice from among a multitude of products. Our experts can help you make this decision

Vgolf advises you in the selection of your tool

Choose the ideal club that suits your needs and your level of play

Customise your golf club

Customise and improve your tool to optimise your performance

Create your own club

Choose a tailor-made club designed with you in mind