Our Golf Simulator

Play golf at home as if it were a real playing field

Our indoor golf simulator allows you to play golf in your own way and at your own pace at home. The device generates realistic weather conditions, replicates the feel of the game that golfers may experience and offers a selection of world-class practice courses.

The aim is to improve your golf game whatever the weather and time of day, or simply to play alone or with friends..

A realistic reproduction of the world’s most famous greens

You can practice on over 96 of the world’s most iconic courses. The golf simulator reproduces the same conditions as a traditional playing environment: take into account wind, rain, slope or obstacle location when playing golf.

Practice and perfect your game just like on a real golf course.

Play on over 90 of the world’s finest golf courses:

Improve your performance with an advanced tracking system

Our systems are either based on patented TruTrack technology, which uses ball-tracking sound and optical sensors, or Truflight/APOGEE (high-speed camera) technology, which analyses and processes data about your club path and clubface angle during impact, all of which is displayed instantly.

Discover TruTrack² technology

“The ergonomics, finish and technological advances of our simulators allow today’s golf enthusiasts to play and progress. Enjoy unparalleled precision and realism during your exercises. Our simulator analyses in real time your shots, your pitches and the way your club is used.”
Christophe and Hugo Muller, VGolf Europe

Complete your golfing experience with the indoor simulator

The indoor golf simulator is not a substitute for playing golf itself. On the contrary. This technological device allows you to complete your golf practice, to improve your technical skills, to train at your own pace, and to analyse your progress in real time.
The golf simulator adapts to your needs, to your practice and helps you to progress.

Raise awareness, share and unite around the same passion : golf

Create games with your friends and family as well as fun games to introduce young and old to this fabulous sport. Offer them adapted courses, accompany them in learning this discipline, and let them practice in conditions as realistic as on a real golf course.

Explore other sports worlds with our golf simulator

We also offer a “Multisport” experience via our indoor golf simulator.

Try your hand at other activities from the comfort of your living room, such as baseball, Slap Shop Hockey, Breakway Soccer, Footgool, Zombie Dodgeball, Disc-Go Golf or Bowl-a-Rama.

Connect all your digital devices to our simulator and enjoy a unique and immersive sports experience.

Play now

Get your club, position yourself and strike !

Whatever the weather

Analyse the field, take into account the wind, rain or snow as if you were there, and adapt your gamez le terrain, tenez compte du vent, de la pluie ou encore de la neige comme s’y vous y étiez, et adaptez votre jeu

Measure your performance

Benefit from advanced analysis in real time and throughout your exercises

Train on the world’s most beautiful courses

Play indoor golf at over 100 renowned courses